The Performance Culture System™ (PCS) is designed to move your company forward by focusing on four simple elements:  

  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • People (Organizational Design & Management)
  • Process Excellence
  • Strategy (Your company's Unique Value Proposition)

A Certified Performance Culture Coach™ can help you implement these four elements through one on one coaching as well as quarterly planning sessions. The ultimate goal of PCS is to drive profitability and create a great workplace that attracts & retains high performers.  

Performance Culture is a web-based performance management platform to help managers and employees improve through recognition, continuous coaching and timely feedback. 

Leadership Effectiveness

Your coach will work with your leaders to help them master the 3 tenants of effective leadership:

  1. Earn the Will of your team
  2. Communicate clearly and wisely
  3. Hold your team members accountable for results

People - Organizational Design & Management

Your coach will help you develop a clear accountability chart that defines roles & expectations (Core Values & Performance Goals).  This will establish a baseline for our Employee Coaching and Management System.  Your coach will work with your managers and teach them how to coach your employees to maximize their talent.  

Process Excellence

Taking your company to the next level requires building a scalable platform that enables your leadership team to delegate responsibilities to other team members.  PCS provides an easy way to accomplish this by not only defining your core processes, but also managing quality and consistency.

Strategy - Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

The best way to grow profitability is to develop a Unique Value Proposition that's focused on a niche market.  Your coach will help you evaluate your current competitive position in the marketplace and develop strategies to increase your competitive advantage.

Want More Detail

If you are interested in learning more about the Performance Culture System, click here for a more in-depth review.


"The Performance Culture System is a simple system and has transformed our business and culture.  It helps us evaluate whether or not we have the right employees in the right seat and the employee coaching process has helped our managers become more effective.  We've also become better leaders because of the coaching."

Jim Moore, James E Moore Insurance Agency