The Performance Culture Employee Coaching System helps managers coach employees to become high performers by focusing on both behaviors and performance objectives.

The coaching process begins by first defining the key behaviors required for the position as well as the company overall.  We lead with behaviors because the right behaviors will improve team chemistry and provide the best indicator of future success.  

After behaviors are defined, we define three to five performance objectives to measure the effectiveness of the position.  The objectives are tied into overall company goals so that the employees can truly understand the impact they will have on the company overall.

Once clear expectations have been set for each position, managers discuss these expectations with employees to establish a roadmap for success.  This discussion also includes understanding the employee's personal vision for the near term future as well as their long term goals.  


"I'm grateful for my performance reviews.  I want to know how I'm doing and where I'm excelling or where I need to improve.  Before my most recent review, I thought I was really struggling in a particular area.  It was nice to find out that management thought I was actually shining in this area!"

Sharon Murphy
Customer Service
James E. Moore Insurance Agency, Inc.

How does the coaching process work?

Every 90 days the manager will coach the employees regarding their past performance and define expectations for the next 90 days.  Prior to the coaching session, employees are asked to self evaluate their performance and behaviors as well as create personal "rocks".  Rocks are personal objectives designed to continually improve the employee's value to the organization.  Once completed, the employee will send a draft to his/her manager for review.  

The manager will evaluate the employee's perspective and determine if his/her perception is aligned with the manager's perception.  In most cases the two will be aligned.  However there will be times with the perceptions are not aligned, which is ok because it leads to a candid and productive discussion.  The coaching session gives the employee both positive and constructive feedback.  The session ends with the employee sharing ideas to improve the organization as well as their personal goals.  

The coaching system is a cloud based application that streamlines the coaching and evaluation workflow and provides an easy way to define and document a company's mission, vision and core values.  Each time the employee logins into the system they are reminded of the company's overall purpose and how his/her role will help the company achieve its goals.  The backend database provides reports that enable the leadership team evaluate their organization's performance over multiple time periods and can be filtered by position type, departments and/or geography.  

What are the benefits of the employee coaching system?

The coaching system enables leaders to maximize their greatest asset - People.  

  • A path to success is defined for each employee.
  • Managers become better coaches by following our coaching process.
  • High performing employees receive the feedback they desire -- this results in higher retention and better customer service and team chemistry.
  • Low performers usually self select out of the organization.
  • The system creates a healthy team environment through transparency and alignment. (i.e., Your team's performance report will be aligned with your company's overall performance -- If your ratings suggest you have all "Stars", then your company should have met or exceeded its goals.  Otherwise your managers have not defined the right expectations or they are over rating employees.)

Is Your Company Smart & Healthy?

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