The Benefits Of A 90-Day Plan

A 90-day plan prioritizes the most important company initiatives and provides clear direction for your team to execute upon. 

Create An Employee Evaluation System That Works

Increase business value, profitability and workplace satisfaction. It's easier than you think.

How A Simple Chart Can Drive Accountability

Author Jim Collins best describes organizational effectiveness as having the right people in the right seats. To implement this principle, leaders should create an accountability chart. Here's why.

How The Right Workplace Culture Can Lead To Success

Both business owners and employees desire a workplace culture that not only supports a rewarding work environment, but also encourages high performance. 

How to Create A Niche Strategy

If you don’t already have a winning niche strategy, it’s not that difficult to create one. The biggest roadblock is probably your mind-set. Learn how to breakthrough limiting behaviors and processes.

Why Niche Strategy Is A Path To Greatness

Create a competitive advantage for your small to medium-sized business by discovering the three dimensions of creating a Niche Strategy.

Lazy Bees And Bee Watchers - Management Lessons From Dr. Seuss

"Oh, the jobs people work at." - Dr. Seuss. The best business leaders achieve results because they know how to get things done. Unfortunately many organizations have accepted mediocrity by allowing the organization to have too many "Bee Watchers". Read this piece on how to handle and avoid the bee watchers.

Effective Leadership Means Holding Team Members Accountable

Sun Tzu, an ancient Chinese general and philosopher, stated that if a leader has earned the will of the team and has communicated clearly, then the leader must hold his direct report accountable for achieving that end. Have you earned the will of your team?

For Effective Leadership, Communicate Clearly And Wisely

While living the 7 Cs of success will earn the will of your team, a leader must still communicate clearly and wisely. This means establishing clear expectations and creating a workplace culture that empowers.

Effective Leadership-Earning The "Will" Of Your Team

A leader leads by example, not by force, and must earn the will of his or her team. After all, a person’s will cannot be mandated. If you have your people’s will, they will support you through thick and thin.

Nine Lessons Learned From The Power Of Habit

In The Power of Habit, award-winning business reporter Charles Duhigg explains why habits exist and how they can be changed. 

Understanding The Performance Culture Coaching Process

The Four Core Elements of creating a great company culture laid out 

Hitting The Ceiling

“Hitting the ceiling” is a phenomenon that occurs in almost every business. Learn what to do when this happens in your business.

How To Change Bad Habits In The Workplace

In most cases, when entrepreneurs first launch their businesses they have to do everything. Not because they want to, but because they HAVE to. To get to the level leaders have to unlearn what made them successful.

How Performance Culture Can Help You Build A Great Business

A simplified approach to creating a company culture that increases business value, profitability and workplace satisfaction.

What is Executive Coaching?

The role of an Executive Coach and an overview of the process.


The Cornerstone Story - The Greater Wilmington Business Journal

Building the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem  - WRAL Tech Wire and the Exit Event


PERFORMANCE CULTURE provides a simplified approach to create a company culture that increases business value, profitability and workplace satisfaction — an approach that has proven to work in the companies we coach. Many of our clients have significantly grown their business by implementing the four elements of Performance Culture. These elements include Effective Leadership, Niche Strategy, People Management and Process Excellence. This book includes a project plan as well as online code to download templates to implement PCS in your company.