Cornerstone helps clients by understanding their core strengths and translating them into an effective niche strategy, brand awareness and lead generation.  The goal of our Strategic Coaching Program is to help you develop a competitive advantage (niche strategy) combined with the best execution (people and process). 

With a strong competitive advantage you will find it easier to sell your product and services at higher margins.  

Our strategy engagements begin by answering three questions:  

  • Do we leverage our core strengths?

  • Do we focus on a niche?

  • What problem/need can our company solve that is not currently being addressed in the marketplace?

Niche Strategy - Unique Value Proposition

Improving your Unique Value Proposition creates competitive advantages and allows you to differentiate your company from potential competitors. Effectively developing this strategy allows you to demonstrate an expertise in a particular product or service as well as an in-depth understanding of your client’s unique needs. 

Once you've identified your Unique Value Proposition, we help you develop messages that will best resonate with your prospects / target market.  We do this by facilitating a brainstorming session that answers questions such as:

  • What questions do our prospects need answered?

  • What are our prospects pain points?

  • Who are the key decision makers/influencers in our prospective companies?

  • Where do these individuals look for information?

  • How can we position ourselves to take advantage of these places?


"Cornerstone is dedicated to servicing client's needs. They are professionally trained, academically astute, and seasoned through their significant experiences working with clients to deliver sustainable value to their customers.  I highly recommend Cornerstone and would be more than excited to work with them again. You too would be in excellent hands."

Neal Nolan,President 

GOVantage, LLC