Cornerstone Leadership Coaching is a practical, results-driven program designed to forge good leaders into great leaders.  Your Coach will work closely with you to map out  leadership objectives and develop a professional development plan that improves management effectiveness and leadership presence.

During the coaching we will guide you through proven management techniques and help you develop specific leadership competencies.  The coaching not only helps individuals develop as leaders but also creates high performing teams.

Coaching Objectives

Topics covered include a variety of leadership objectives, such as:

  • Implementing an accountability program

  • Leadership Effectiveness

  • People (Organizational Design & Management)

  • Professional and Personal Development

  • Building team loyalty and a desire to meet common goals


The Leadership Coaching program is designed for executives who are in positions of upper management. Your Cornerstone Coach will develop strategies and action plans to generate more team successes and personal growth.  Each month, your Coach will guide you through leadership challenges to help you overcome common organizational challenges.  The creative brainstorming discussions will also help you think "outside of the box" and implement management best practices.

Leadership Assessment

Prior to starting the program, participants complete a Leadership Behavioral Assessment that helps you and your Coach better understand your interpersonal and communications preferences. Through this process, executives become more aware of how their natural and adapted behavioral styles affect others' reaction to them -- either enhancing or inhibiting their success, and the success of the teams.  Your Coach will prepare a customized agenda for coaching sessions that address specific challenges and opportunities based on your assessment profile.