Operational Excellence begins by understanding your business's core processes and baselining "Your Way of Doing Business". Once we've baselined your core processes we help you identify and eliminate unnecessary and low-value tasks, leaving a more effective and efficient process. Business imperatives drive technology imperatives, and technology imperatives must enable business imperatives. 

Based on business priorities, we identify technology, training, and processes to take your team to the next level.

IT Enablement

After designing the most effective and efficient processes, our Advisors help you select and implement the best applications to support your way of doing business.  We also help you develop a solid business continuity and disaster recovery plan so your business can continue running when you experience an unplanned event.  

Fractional CIO

Many business organizations that cannot afford, or may not need, a full-time CIO, can benefit from a Fractional CIO. The fractional CIO becomes a trusted advisor, managing IT strategy and closely analyzing business initiatives. On a part-time or project basis, a Fractional CIO can help you grow your businesses and reduce expenses through a business-aligned IT strategy.

"Dallas (Cornerstone Advisor) brought an incredible depth of knowledge, combined with a detailed, results oriented attitude and excellent interpersonal skills to the team. He consistently over delivered and created a compelling business case for an extremely large IT program (>$100MM). He has a rare ability to take highly complex problems and translate them into readily understandable concepts."

Philip Winterburn, Chief Product Officer, Convercent

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