Hiring a CFO doesn't have to break your businesses' bank. Cornerstone CFO's and Controllers work in-house to dramatically improve your financial performance -- without becoming a full-time employee.  This allows you to benefit from the expertise of a highly experienced Chief Financial Officer without incurring the overhead of hiring someone full-time.

Cornerstone's CFO Program

The Fractional CFO is a results-oriented collaboration model designed to meet your financial objectives. Our CFO's work seamlessly with you while getting their elbows deep in processes and procedures to make your business more profitable.

In this fast paced economy, business owners that drive fast growth companies or struggle to keep up rarely have time to use their financial skills effectively.  Often managing the financial aspects of the business can prove overwhelming.  Our Fractional CFO Program alleviates these stresses by offering the following services:

  • Accurate and timely monthly financial reporting

  • Cash Management

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Performance metrics highlight by dashboards

  • Detailed budgets and forecasting reporting

Setting the Stage for Financial Success

Prior to starting the program, participants are required to complete a Needs Assessment Report to help the Cornerstone Fractional CFO better understand your business' financial position. From this information, the CFO will then develop a customized agenda for meetings and guide discussions to address challenges and opportunities.

Strategic Planning

Your company's financial success in the long term is dependent on the direction of your current financial steps.   Using rigorous financial modeling and performance tools, your Fractional CFO will help to develop strategic plans to put you on the right track for future growth.

Raising Capital

Your working capital requirements need to be identified and options determined to raise capital if necessary. The capital raised can include debt, private equity or a combination of both.  In addition to helping you raise capital, Cornerstone will help you manage the reporting process required by your lenders and/or investors.

Business Valuations

There are many situations in which a business owner and their advisors may need  an estimate of what a business is worth, and why, as well as the opportunities that may exist to increase the value.  When trying to make informed decisions regarding operational improvements, capital investments or exit strategies, it is critical for an owner to understand the factors driving the value of their business and how it compares to others in the same industry.  


“If you really want to have a successful business that’s going to grow, you need some outside perspective on your business.  The Cornerstone Coaching program helps you do just that." 

Rob Kaiser, Owner & Publisher

Greater Wilmington Business Journal 
and Wilma Magazine